Middle School Youth Hard at Work


Our third day of the trip and we are still having fun serving, growing and playing.  Thanks for sending us!


There are moments of exhaustion….


And many moments wondering how these guys don’t loose everything…..


But mostly it is amazement at these wonderful kids who are so ready to serve others and more importantly hear people’s stories and learn from them.

We met Shannon and Jeffrey from Clarkston on Thursday. Jeffrey is recovering from a traumatic brain injury and Shannon is needing shoulder surgery. Their story is both sad and inspiring. The couple needed help catching up with some yard work and we had plenty of willing hands.


After working with Shannon and Jeffrey, we found a shady park for our picnic lunch and then spent several hours at Hells Gate State Park swimming and cooling off.  We were ready to move into our cabin at Field’s Spring State Park in time for dinner with some down time and games.

Friday, we met Ann, the park aide at Field’s Spring who showed us how to clear brush from some trails around the park. That kept us busy all morning.




Then we cleaned campsites in the afternoon.


After work projects, we took a ride down the Rattlesnake Grade to Boggan’s Oasis and the Grand Ronde river.


It was hot, HOT so ice cream and more swimming was needed.


Dead fish heads are always worth investigation.

We are at Asotin Food Bank right now, packaging split peas, cleaning floors and whatever else we are assigned. I will post pictures from our day if there is a chance before we head back to no cell phone service land. All is well with us and hoping all is well with you. Blessings from the TLC Middle School Group.















Our Last Two Days


When our first day of Vacation Bible School was done on Monday we wondered how we would survive 3 more days of it. Now, we are wondering how we will survive without it. The stories will be coming. There are too many to write here.



Lots of electrical work happened over the week which kept Will busy and out of trouble. New lights, updated unsafe wiring, new outlets and covers and something with the panel that a non electrician can explain. All work done will help this congregation spread the Word. Thanks be to God.


Our ministry money extended the patio at the church. It doubled the size!  The work was labor intensive, but with the help of several local men, it’s nearly complete. Now Pastor Tulio and his congregation have more space to do the work of God.


20170623_054948 With part of the money we raised, we were able to purchase beans, flour, sugar and other pantry staples to fill twenty food baskets. We then walked to houses in the community to deliver these gifts. The real gift, however, was spending time in the homes of the people, learning their stories. We laughed, we cried, we prayed and made meaningful connections with the beautiful people of Libertad all while doing God’s work. 


We are all still processing our experiences from the week in Libertad and will for weeks to come. But now for snorkeling and sun!










Altun Ha

6:30am came rather early on Tuesday morning…… It was our time to board the bus with breakfast in hand and head to a Mayan Temple. Everyone was looking forward to this day.  30 minutes down the road, the rain started and didn’t let up til we got back that afternoon.


The temple grounds were amazing. There were 2 plazas with temples surrounding each. Altun Ha was a sacred religious site used strictly by priests. Once each priest died, the Mayans added a new level, which was then the tomb for each priest. Each temple could take up to a whopping 900 years to complete.

We climbed 3 temples.  The temple of the Rain God, the Maize God, and the highest the Sun God. A really interesting thing that we learned was that the Mayans had built the plazas in a way that when a priest stood on top of the temples and spoke, the acoustics carried their voice down to the people in the plaza. Another good day!


Ethan’s long lost twin, Abdias
At the top of the Temple to the Sun God in Altun Ha

Service Work in Libertad



We have experienced so many new things it is hard to believe that it is only Tuesday.

On Sunday morning, our group was leading Sunday School and we were ready for them. Our friend Elvis (his real name is Esly) showed up in the rain and hung out. More kids came in as the rain slowed and it was a great start to the week. The kids were excited to play games and talk about the Bible Story. It was a good start to kids ministry for the week.

Sunday worship service was at 7pm. So different and inspiring. One lady from the church had her birthday that day. The entire congregation sang and then lined up to congratulate her and give her a hug. The group thought that was cool and made them feel a part of the place.



Let’s  just say Monday was busy. There was a trip to Corozal for food basket supplies, the beginning of concrete and roof extension at the church, visiting neighbors to invite them to VBS that afternoon, packing food baskets, electrical repairs at the church, visiting the local school, leading VBS with 93 energetic kids and then leading youth night that evening.


On top of that, each moment is filled with hot humid air, learning new names, being immersed in a new culture, seeing the poverty in Libertad and interpreting a mix of English, Spanish and Creole language.  This group is doing an amazing job of juggling it all and accomplishing the task that they were given. We already have lots of stories to tell!



And we experienced coconuts…..straight from the tree, opened with a machete to drink the milk and then sliced open to eat the insides.  What a treat!




Libertad is treating us well!





This is where our home will be for the next few days, the Full Gospel Church  of God.20170618194435_IMG_0222.JPG

Our yellow limo that is driven by our lovely driver “Country”.

Our humble abode that is filled with creepy crawlies and critters. The boys and girls are separated by a couple tarps hanging from the ceiling.

Church also took place last night, so we had to clean everything up and tuck away our beds and belongings.


I think everyones favorite is the bathroom its like a 5 star luxury spa. First you get welcomed by cockroaches and maybe a 3 legged palm sized spider. Then when you are in the shower you get a nice cold shower which actually feels amazing because its so hot. Then on the way back inside try not to get trapped in the bathroom and if you make it out the door watch out for snakes!


Todays lunch in the making by Kayla



By Rylie Mackenzie Abby

Sunday School in Belize

Ok, its hot and humid here!

Sunday School was at 9am. It was raining and the kids slowly trickled in. Elvis showed up first and is a veteran Sunday School and VBS professional.


We performed a skit on the Good Samaritan and played a game to learn about helping others. The kids kept coming out of the jungle and neighborhood to join us. So we played more games and the kids decided that we were ok. They are now a permanent fixture at the church. They are so much fun to play with and talk to.  Many of the kids have attached to their favorite person in the group.

Estella, Pastor Tulios wife, has been cooking amazing meals for us. The picture above is the group walking to breakfast.



This afternoon, we are headed out to meet the people in the community and invite the kids to VBS starting tomorrow afternoon.

Ethan and his buddy


Can you Belize it?!

Made it to Ladyvill, Belize after six hours on a plane. The flights went well except for the unwanted turbulence. Nothing we can do about that, unfortunately. We are now driving the two hours to Libertad with our already incredible hosts. Fresh bananas in our bellies and excitement galore. We will continue to keep you updated on the adventure God and all you have sent us on.