Fourth Day

Today, we woke up and drank some hot coco and chi tea because it was freezing cold! After that we went and poured paint on tables.

Also screamed songs while painting bird houses. Than we got 2 pins of gratitude. Then we shopped, and Penny bought us all stickers for our water bottles! Then Penny bought us Kayaks, paddle boards and canoes.

Someone sunk their kayak and someone else fell in a kayak.

After that we went on a hike past a beautiful little waterfall stream 🤗 also we skipped rocks all the way across the gigantic stream and than ate hobo stew. Than we played chicken🐔🐓

Miles and Lydia

Third Day in Glacier

Today was the third day at Glacier . We painted the education center on main street had ice cream. Then we took a hike in the mountains and the kids had a snowball fight.

-Nathaniel and Kourtenai


Second day of Glacier National Park

It took awhile for everyone to finally wake up, and they all trickled in to sit by the fire. The scrumptious breakfast gave much needed energy for the upcoming day.

We may have gotten a little bit lost on the way to headquaters, but we made it. We met with the ranger Carolyn where she gave us an educational presentation.

Here she explained what the invasive weeds, the native plants were, and showed different kinds of trees. After that the work began.

The work included pulling 5 different type of invasive weeds around the park.

After the picnic lunch we split into 3 groups, to continue picking weeds on a hiking trail. One group went up high on the mountain. Another went half way, and the other did it around the parking lot.

The work was hard, and then to the cold lake we went.

Lucy & Ashlynn

First day at Glacier National Park

Left this morning, it was a long ride to Glacier Park but it was worth it. We set up tents and hammocks all you need while camping.

Enjoyed a nice refreshing swim in the ice cold glacier water. Then we went for a hike along the lake.

We had a nice night filled with playing games and enjoying smores by the fire. Seth and Kassawndra

Day 7

Our last day in Portland was more of a fun day than the others. Before the fun could begin, we had to put all of our stuff in a nursery that was connected to the room that we were sleeping in and get to the church service. The service was shorter than the trinity service by half an hour which was nice.

We spent today playing in downtown Portland. We started with Voodoo Doughnuts and coffee.

After having doughnuts, we split up into smaller groups and shopped around a little. Most of the shopping time was spent in the bookstore Powell’s.

Once it was time to walk back to the church, my small group stopped and bought some water bottles to hand out to the homeless we passed. Even on our “play day” we found a way to slip a small service project in.

-Donny and Haley

Day 6

This morning we woke at 6:45 and headed in our vans and took a one hour drive out to Blanchet Farms a self sustaining farm, which is a rehab facility that gets men out of addiction and the city to do some farm work and woodworking and constructing tiny houses

They raise many animals of all sorts from any age, ducks, chickens, pigs, goats, dogs, and cats

We took a tour of the farm and got a chance to see the amazing facility they had created as well as meet some of the people who were in the program. We helped with some work in the garden digging trenches around the plants on order to keep the water from running off of the plants and giving them more water.

After we left the farm we headed to Tree to Tree ropes course for the afternoon. We spent 4 action filled hours climbing and ziplining at their Portland location

After the ropes course, we headed to Henry Hagg lake for a picnic dinner and swimming

By Brennan and Susanna

Friday funday

Friday wasn’t full of a lot of things to do. Mostly we just traveled to Portland, played games, and relaxed with a little project.

We all woke up at 5:45 so we could finish cleaning the church in Tacoma and packing. We left from Tacoma at 8:15AM and had a 3 and a half hour train ride to Portland. It was a beautiful trip but lots of us just decided to sleep more. Shortly after boarding we all had breakfast. For breakfast some had breakfast sandwiches and others decided to go more for burgers instead. It was a nice ride into Portland.

The group arrived at the new church we are staying at around noon and settled in before having a little project to do for the food bank that runs out of the church we are staying in. Cleaning and drying bins was a short project but it helped them a lot. She gave us a tour of the food bank then we all decided to go have some down time. That time consisted of naps, games, and snacks. The day was fairly easy but felt much needed not only did we all have a lot of traveling and had to wake up early but tomorrow will be full of hard work and lots of excerce.