Day 6

This morning we woke at 6:45 and headed in our vans and took a one hour drive out to Blanchet Farms a self sustaining farm, which is a rehab facility that gets men out of addiction and the city to do some farm work and woodworking and constructing tiny houses

They raise many animals of all sorts from any age, ducks, chickens, pigs, goats, dogs, and cats

We took a tour of the farm and got a chance to see the amazing facility they had created as well as meet some of the people who were in the program. We helped with some work in the garden digging trenches around the plants on order to keep the water from running off of the plants and giving them more water.

After we left the farm we headed to Tree to Tree ropes course for the afternoon. We spent 4 action filled hours climbing and ziplining at their Portland location

After the ropes course, we headed to Henry Hagg lake for a picnic dinner and swimming

By Brennan and Susanna

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