Altun Ha

6:30am came rather early on Tuesday morning…… It was our time to board the bus with breakfast in hand and head to a Mayan Temple. Everyone was looking forward to this day.  30 minutes down the road, the rain started and didn’t let up til we got back that afternoon.


The temple grounds were amazing. There were 2 plazas with temples surrounding each. Altun Ha was a sacred religious site used strictly by priests. Once each priest died, the Mayans added a new level, which was then the tomb for each priest. Each temple could take up to a whopping 900 years to complete.

We climbed 3 temples.  The temple of the Rain God, the Maize God, and the highest the Sun God. A really interesting thing that we learned was that the Mayans had built the plazas in a way that when a priest stood on top of the temples and spoke, the acoustics carried their voice down to the people in the plaza. Another good day!


Ethan’s long lost twin, Abdias
At the top of the Temple to the Sun God in Altun Ha

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