Day Four

Our day started early in the morning with a service project at 8:30am. We took public transportation down to the work site but not until after our morning run! Unfortunately, we saw our first bus leave us behind before we could cross the street. Instead of waiting half an hour, we walked on to the next bus station which we had to run at the very end to catch.

We had a full day serving at Eloise’s Cooking Pot Food Bank in Tacoma. We helped organize shelves, stockroom, freezers, and new food and supply shipments.

The group also helped load bags for the next day which included apples, pears, potatoes, onions, and squash.

There were some good messes that needed fixin!

The food bank was very organized, included labels saying take two!

It took lots of teamwork, laughs, and effort to get through the day.

We even found a bull “stick” which was coveted and fought over, for it is quite a treasure!

Not all parts of a food bank are yummy…. expired food went into a bucket which consisted of a lot of baby food and formula.

We had a pack lunch outside on the sidewalk, where we sat chatting in the cool breeze with our croissants.

We also have our relaxing time after our hours of hard work!

After working from 8:30 to 3:00 with a few breaks, the group headed over to the community center for some swimming and showers before dinner.

Palmer and Ryanne

Third Day

We started the day off at around 8:30. After a breakfast of leftovers we started our day. As we were feverishly cleaning the church to get to our train on time, seattle didnt slow down for us. By 10 am we were off and that’s when the fun started.

Loading up on the train for our 40 min ride to Tacoma.

The beautiful stain glass windows of the church in Tacoma.

After settling at the new church, we went down to Point Ruston to ride the surreys and look at the amazing views.

Taking turns on the surreys along the beach.

Dustin showing off his HUGE muscles… as the girls petal the ENTIRE TIME as he sits back and relaxes…

Second day

Our second day started late last night when Penny woke up to a fire! We were all sleeping on the roof because the church was over 80 degrees. Only some of us woke to the fire and those that did questioned if it was even real or just a dream. The picture doesn’t do justice- the fire reached 2 or 3 stories tall!

In the morning we split in to two groups. One group went to help donation support at Mary’s Place Emergency Center and the other to help in the kitchen at Mary’s Place Day Center.

We met Sarah at the Day Center who was excited to have so much help. We sorted probably 50 large garbage bags full of raw donations! During our lunch break we were talking to Sarah and she mentioned to us that the shelters were out of size 6 diapers and her struggle maintaining a personal/professional boundary. She told us how easy it to just use her own money to fulfill the center’s needs- and how hard it is to try and not spend all of her money doing so! So naturally, as soon as we left, we went to the nearest store and cleared out their stock of size 6 diapers.

At the same time another group headed over to the Day Center, a shelter that serves lunch and dinner during the day, but also the shelter that preps meals for seven other shelters. We got to help prep taco Tuesday for 1,000 different people across Seattle! The highlight of the project was eating lunch with the people who came to eat. We heard from (supposedly) the original Lisa Simpson- who says her dad was the genuine inspiration for Homer. Another table heard about another woman’s struggle and how helping sometimes hurts more than it’s meant to help.

The donations support team was done early and headed to Denny park to have a picnic. Even Penny joined in the fun after we ate 🙂

Next we all met back at the Seattle Center and started a scavenger hunt that would take us through the city all the way to Pike Street. It was very hot and a little difficult but we all made it!

When we got back to the church we ate dinner with the men who stay here. They were very nice and helped us make dinner, but were also pretty funny! It was awesome getting to spend that time with them, hear their stories, and understand what led them to addiction. We heard from James who struggled for 23 years with addiction. At 15 his step-dad kicked him out and he was on his own. It was eye opening to hear his story- most of the boys are just about the same age.

It was a fulfilling day- and we even got to sleep on the roof again!

– Hunter & Cole

First Real Day

The day started on a fast moving train, reclined seats and closed windows. As the sun peeked over the sound, a tour guide on the train explained defining features about places that we passed and things to do there. After we arrived at king street station, many were up and awake, but some were still rolling in the fabric seats. Leaving the station, all were wide awake and ready for the day.(with the exception of one sick guy) we all eagerly awaited the bus, but a simple ride would be too easy. After asking several strangers and checking the map countless times, we finally knew what bus would take us to the church that we would be staying at. We all awaited the savior bus, but after a 30 minute wait, when the bus showed up, the driver slammed the door with a quick “can’t take anymore” and drove off. After a few dazed minutes, we decided to take the bus that went nearest and walk from there. After a short walk we arrived at the host church and unpacked, but we’re not slow to the job. Our group split into teams and started cleaning and organizing the church kitchen while the other team cleaned the dining room.

When we finished with our service project for the day, we decided to go somewhere to cool off. The chaperones decided that the best place would be the fountain at the Seattle Center. We took a bus there, which didn’t take nearly as long as the ride to the church, and played in the fountain.

We were there for about an hour of time in the water, and then decided to go get ice cream from the place right next to it. We were all ready to go back to the church, because we were tired and wet, and ready to just hang out and eat pizza. Overall, it was a great but exhausting first day.

By Grant and Otto

Starting Our Summer Adventures!


All school year the kids have pulled together to work towards our summer service trips helping at our booth at the North Idaho Fair with Pita Pit, selling calendars, hosting concerts at the church, selling soup at the TLCW Holiday Bazaar, serving Easter Breakfast, washing cars and helping with yard and window cleaning projects.

We worked hard and had fun and are so grateful to the congregation of Trinity Lutheran Church, our families and parents and everyone else who supported us.  Thanks!

And now we head out into the world as God has called us.

The High School group will be traveling by train to Seattle, Tacoma and Portland to serve, explore and play from Monday, June 18th to Monday, June 25th.  Watch for our daily blogs here as the youth share what they have been up to.  Leave us a note as you check in.

The Middle School group will be helping out at Glacier National Park from Wednesday, July 18th to Sunday, July 22nd.  Forest fires were happening last Fall when the group was having discussions about where we were being called to serve in the summer.  They felt like Glacier was where we were needed.  And the park rangers agreed.  What a blessing!

Also, check for some pictures from our week at Camp Lutherhaven, Sunday, July 8th to Friday, July 13th.

Blessings for your summer from the Youth at TLC!






Middle School Youth Hard at Work


Our third day of the trip and we are still having fun serving, growing and playing.  Thanks for sending us!


There are moments of exhaustion….


And many moments wondering how these guys don’t loose everything…..


But mostly it is amazement at these wonderful kids who are so ready to serve others and more importantly hear people’s stories and learn from them.

We met Shannon and Jeffrey from Clarkston on Thursday. Jeffrey is recovering from a traumatic brain injury and Shannon is needing shoulder surgery. Their story is both sad and inspiring. The couple needed help catching up with some yard work and we had plenty of willing hands.


After working with Shannon and Jeffrey, we found a shady park for our picnic lunch and then spent several hours at Hells Gate State Park swimming and cooling off.  We were ready to move into our cabin at Field’s Spring State Park in time for dinner with some down time and games.

Friday, we met Ann, the park aide at Field’s Spring who showed us how to clear brush from some trails around the park. That kept us busy all morning.




Then we cleaned campsites in the afternoon.


After work projects, we took a ride down the Rattlesnake Grade to Boggan’s Oasis and the Grand Ronde river.


It was hot, HOT so ice cream and more swimming was needed.


Dead fish heads are always worth investigation.

We are at Asotin Food Bank right now, packaging split peas, cleaning floors and whatever else we are assigned. I will post pictures from our day if there is a chance before we head back to no cell phone service land. All is well with us and hoping all is well with you. Blessings from the TLC Middle School Group.















Our Last Two Days


When our first day of Vacation Bible School was done on Monday we wondered how we would survive 3 more days of it. Now, we are wondering how we will survive without it. The stories will be coming. There are too many to write here.



Lots of electrical work happened over the week which kept Will busy and out of trouble. New lights, updated unsafe wiring, new outlets and covers and something with the panel that a non electrician can explain. All work done will help this congregation spread the Word. Thanks be to God.


Our ministry money extended the patio at the church. It doubled the size!  The work was labor intensive, but with the help of several local men, it’s nearly complete. Now Pastor Tulio and his congregation have more space to do the work of God.


20170623_054948 With part of the money we raised, we were able to purchase beans, flour, sugar and other pantry staples to fill twenty food baskets. We then walked to houses in the community to deliver these gifts. The real gift, however, was spending time in the homes of the people, learning their stories. We laughed, we cried, we prayed and made meaningful connections with the beautiful people of Libertad all while doing God’s work. 


We are all still processing our experiences from the week in Libertad and will for weeks to come. But now for snorkeling and sun!